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OPTe Network

OPTe Network

The Next WordPress Evolution

Pioneering an all-in-one online solution for creating WordPress websites. Introducing three platforms replacing the single-installation model: OPTe.website for Everyone; OPTe.pro for Professionals; and OPTe.store for eCommerce.

OPTe Solutions

OPTe Solutions

Brands & Strategies

Our creative solutions team leads the branding, marketing, and development of OPTe’s products and services.  Strategically stationed in Southeast Asia, we provide omni-channel solutions for customers in countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

We are hungry for challenges – FEEEEED US!

OPTe Training

OPTe Academy

Education matters

Raising the IT and design sector in Cambodia through providing real educational and work opportunities for Cambodians. Combining international specialists, certified qualifications and inspiring minds.